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Lesbian first finger

Finger in the closet If you're a woman and people have been staring at your fingers all week, chances are they've just heard about the latest way of telling whether someone's a lesbian. Apparently, it's all there in your right hand. At least that's what a bunch of Californian researchers reckon. After setting up a stall in a San Francisco market - home of the Greater American Lesbian - they photocopied the hands of hundreds of passers-by, and asked them the odd incredibly personal question.
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Study shows lesbians' finger lengths more masculine

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Does Your Finger Length Predict Your Sexuality? – OMGFacts

There is indirect evidence that heightened exposure to early androgen may increase the probability that a girl will develop a homosexual orientation in adulthood. One such putative marker of early androgen exposure is the ratio of the length of the index finger 2D to the ring finger 4D , which is smaller in male humans than in females, and is smaller in lesbians than in heterosexual women. Yet there is also evidence that women may have different sexual orientations at different times in their lives, which suggests that other influences on female sexual orientation, presumably social, are at work as well. We surveyed individuals from a gay pride street fair and found that lesbians who identified themselves as "butch" had a significantly smaller 2D:4D than did those who identified themselves as "femme.
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Differences in finger length ratios between self-identified "butch" and "femme" lesbians

In the latest installment of a long-running scientific brouhaha over the causes of sexual orientation, a UC-Berkeley scientist suggests a new reason why some women become lesbians: It's all in their fingers. The comparative length of ring and index fingers in lesbians tends to resemble that of straight men, says Berkeley psychology Professor Marc Breedlove. His proposed explanation: Lesbians were exposed in the womb to masculinizing hormones. Breedlove and his colleagues report their finding - uncovered in the less-than-scientific setting of three Bay Area street fairs - in Thursday's edition of the journal Nature.
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The digit ratio is the ratio of the lengths of different digits or fingers. The 2D:4D ratio is the most studied digit ratio and is calculated by dividing the length of the index finger of a given hand by the length of the ring finger of the same hand. A number of studies have shown a correlation between the 2D:4D digit ratio and various physical and behavioral traits. The digit length is typically measured on the palmar ventral hand, from the midpoint of the bottom crease where the finger joins the hand to the tip of the finger.
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