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Enlarged clitoris enlarged clitoris

There is no standard size for a clitoris, but it usually grows with sexual arousal. When a person is not aroused, a hormonal imbalance or another medical condition can cause enlargement of the clitoris. The clitoris is a female sexual organ. It is located just above the urethra, where urine is released from the body.
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Why Is My Clitoris Enlarged And What Can I Do About It?

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Clitoris enlargement advice - Chicago Tribune

Sexual stimulation happens to alter the state of human genitalia and that too in obvious ways. The blood flow to the concerned area increases, there is enough of natural lubrication in and around the organ and for women, the vagina loosens up or enlarged and the clitoris swells. When a person is aroused there are a host of hormonal changes within the person's body. These changes do manifest on the surface in the form of certain physical variations. Intercourse followed by a climactic release will make the clitoris regain its original size. However, worries crop up when that is not the case with every single female.
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While there are some serious conditions that can lead to prolonged enlargement of the clitoris, more often than not it is a result of something relatively benign. For example, it is perfectly normal for clitoral tissue to become enlarged as a result of sexual arousal, and sometimes it can remain enlarged for a period of time after you engage in sexual activity. If your clitoris returns to its normal size meaning normal for you when you stop engaging in sexual activity, then it is probably safe to assume that you do not have an underlying health condition. If you are confident that sexual activity is not the root issue, the other most common causes of an enlarged clitoris are tied to hormonal changes. If you have a condition that affects the endocrine system, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS , you may have elevated levels of androgen hormones like testosterone, which can cause the clitoris to become enlarged.
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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Management of the enlarged clitoris, because of its import for sexual function, has been and remains one of the most controversial topics in pediatric urology. Early controversy surrounding clitoroplasty resulted from many factors including an incomplete understanding of clitoral anatomy and incorrect assumptions of the role of the clitoris in sexual function. With a better understanding of anatomy and function, procedures have evolved to preserve clitoral tissue, especially with respect to the neurovascular bundles.
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