» » Discovery of facial symmetry

Discovery of facial symmetry

Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Face and symmetry processing have common characteristics, and several lines of evidence suggest they interact. To characterize their relationship and possible interactions, in the present study we created a novel library of images in which symmetry and face-likeness were manipulated independently. Participants identified the target that was most symmetric among distractors of equal face-likeness Experiment 1 and identified the target that was most face-like among distractors of equal symmetry Experiment 2. In Experiment 1, we found that symmetry judgments improved when the stimuli were more face-like.
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Facial symmetry and the perception of beauty

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Facial symmetry and good health may not be related

Evolutionary, as well as cultural, pressures may contribute to our perceptions of facial attractiveness. Biologists predict that facial symmetry should be attractive, because it may signal mate quality. We tested the prediction that facial symmetry is attractive by manipulating the symmetry of individual faces and observing the effect on attractiveness, and by examining whether natural variations in symmetry between faces correlated with perceived attractiveness. Attractiveness increased when we increased symmetry, and decreased when we reduced symmetry, in individual faces Experiment 1 , and natural variations in symmetry correlated significantly with attractiveness Experiments 1 and 1A. Perfectly symmetric versions, made by blending the normal and mirror images of each face, were preferred to less symmetric versions of the same faces even when those versions were also blends Experiments 1 and 2. Similar results were found when subjects judged the faces on appeal as a potential life partner, suggesting that facial symmetry may affect human mate choice. We conclude that facial symmetry is attractive and discuss the possibility that this preference for symmetry may be biologically based.
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Facial attractiveness: evolutionary based research

Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Face preferences affect a diverse range of critical social outcomes, from mate choices and decisions about platonic relationships to hiring decisions and decisions about social exchange. Firstly, we review the facial characteristics that influence attractiveness judgements of faces e.
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Leigh W. Simmons, Gillian Rhodes, Marianne Peters, Nicole Koehler, Are human preferences for facial symmetry focused on signals of developmental instability? Humans find symmetrical faces more attractive than are asymmetrical faces. Evolutionary psychologists claim that our preference for symmetry can be explained in the context of mate choice because symmetry is an honest indicator of the genetic quality of potential mates.
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