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White Beach [ID - 1003] Categories: Beach & Waterfront Properties
Region(s) : Mannar

Still undiscovered by most foreign investors, viagra 60mg Mannar island offers some of the best beaches the whole West coast has to offer. The beach along the Southern shores of the island stretches for a length of more than 30 km’s from the East all the way up to the Western tip which reaches out towards India .

The quality of the beaches and the sand compare favourably with the popular beaches along the East coast around NIlaveli or Passekudah/ Kalkudah. The only difference though to the East coast is that the Mannar areas have much higher future potential for tourism development with many attractions in close proximity like the Wilpattu National Park, health close proximity to the Cultural Triangle with all the historic sites, bulimics some of the largest reefs for diving and snorkling and very reliable winds which will make this area become another hot-spot for kite- and windsurfing!

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