The Construction of Abhimansala 3

The ceremony for laying a foundation for Abimansala 3, viagra order the third wellness resort under the Brave Hearts project has already been done. This project is meant to benefit 50 dependent heroes of war of the northwestern province of Sri-Lanka. The project is ongoing at the Ibbagamuwa Divisional Secretariat. Army Commander Jagath Jayasuriya and Manjulika Jayasuriya (the SVAB president), tadalafil who both spearhead the Brave Hearts fund-raising, for sale led the ceremony. The state land of 10 acres is adjacent to Deduru Oya banks.


Abimansala 3 will be a classic resort comprising of three residential cottages, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a medical wing, a ward for 20 inmates, a physiotherapy unit, a library, a medical laboratory, an entertainment hall, a kitchen, administrative units, a herbal treatment unit, an auditorium, an indoor stadium, and eight villas. Each villa will be constructed to a tune of Rs 6 million, and each cottage will cost approximately Rs 4.5 million.


Below is a list of the various units with their financiers alongside them.

Villa 1 – to be funded by the Secretary of Defense Gotabaya Rajapaksa,
Villa 2 – to be funded by Mas Holdings Ltd,
Villa 3 – to be completed by Sri Lanka Insurance,
Villa 4 – to be funded by Singer Ltd,
Villa 5 – to be financed by Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel Company,
Villa 6 – to be funded by Wickremaratne Company Ltd
Villa 7 – to be funded by Commercial Bank,
Villa 8 – to be funded by the Artillery Seva Vanitha Unit and Artillery Regiment,
Security Forces Headquarters at Jaffna – to be funded by Abans (Pvt) Ltd and Army Ordnance Corps,
The three cottages – Seva Vanitha Unit


President Mahinda Rajapaksa came up with the idea of the Abhimansala project. His intention is to offer a lifetime care and assistance to heroes of war who have been disabled. The first Abhimansala located at Anuradhapura accommodates 52 soldiers. Abhimansala 2, located in Wilpitawatta is a home to 50 heroes from the south.


Engineer Service Regiment troops have been assigned the task of completing this third project, just like it was the case with the other projects. They are scheduled to complete the Abimansala 3 in a less than a year. The whole project will cost approximately Rs 360 million.


Approximately 300 war heroes, a majority of whom were in their prime youth, were seriously injured during humanitarian operations, thereby rendering them dependent. These war heroes require 24-hour surveillance, for the rest of their lives. The type of injuries they incurred range from spinal cord, brain damage, amputations, hearing and speech impairment, and total or partial paralysis. Lack of special therapeutic aids and nursing care at domestic level made the Army Commander Jagath Jayasuriya start a project for the relaxation for these veterans, in collaboration SVAB’s Brave Hearts fund-raising project.


This was the idea of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and the army. They have received massive support from the SVAB’s Brave Hearts project, and the general public in setting up Abimansala 1 and Abimansala 2 in the last two years. Besides, the Attidiya-based Mihindu Seth Medura, built by the defense ministry and urban development is now fully functional. This has created a new hope for life under the management of the Sri Lanka Army.