Property Management

Thinking of having your Property Managed?

If you are looking to have your property managed, treat property management specialists are here to help you achieve your objective. We may offer you any services including looking after your Villa during your absence and managing the staff as well as establishing or running complete commercial- or agricultural operations such as plantations of any kind.


Please contact us with your specific requirements.
Email :
Phone : (+94) 777 424 994 from abroad or 0777 424 994 in Sri Lanka.
Fax :+94 (0) 112 88 44 86 from abroad or 0112 88 44 86 in Sri Lanka


Looking for return on your investment?

Property Services provides a complete property and facilities rentals and management service encompassing Villa and other recreational properties. This service is based around a professionally qualified and experienced team dedicated to increasing the value of your real estate assets through an enthusiastic and proactive management approach.


Property management services include rent collection, maintenance, council and statute compliance and management services across all property types. All our properties are inspected regularly.

We provide a full marketing service with all correspondence handled by our property managers and we also provide you with regular reports including maintenance.


Particular care is required when choosing the appropriate property management company to look after your investment. Not only do you need competency and experience from your manager in the field of property management, but also the ability to co-ordinate and control delivery of service to ensure consistency and a high quality of output at every level.


One of the greatest services we can offer our clients is giving them reassurance and peace of mind – simply because we handle everything for you.