The Sethsiripaya development project. Stage 2

The Sethsiripaya development project.

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Sri Lanka is well on its way in its battle for development of the country as a whole. in this daring venture, story one of the key aspects is development of industrial, cultural, economical as well as Administrative centers throughout the country. The City of Sri  Jayewardenepura was selected as the Administrative City and is currently being transformed into Sri Lanka’s administrative nerve center. Its main objective: Provide citizens with effective, and efficient government service, in one location. Work on the Sethsiripaya second stage was launched as part of a large scale development project planned by the Urban Development Authority. The goal of this project being the development of Colombo as the Major Commercial city while making Sri Jayewardenepura into the main Administrative City in the country.

A major milestone in this journey has now been reached with the construction and opening of the Sethsiripaya second stage administrative complex. This massive complex, constructed to supplement the current Sethsiripaya administrative complex is said to house up to eight ministries, catering to a wide range of services required by the general public. Consisting of 14 stories and constructed using a wide range of new and advanced technologies, the Sethsiripaya second stage is designed to provide the best service to all citizens while still adhering to health and environmental concerns.

The building is fully furnished, and contain modern facilities designed to occupy modern administrative offices as well as a state of the art auditorium. The building has been constructed to cater to all including the Differently able citizens. The complex is also designed
according to modern environmental standards as well. The complex uses solar energy to generate most of its electricity. Modern methodologies are being used to purify rain water in a revolutionary new approach to cut down on water cost and minimize wastage. The facility is also comprises of a waste disposal and management system to help manage refuse and to limit the impact of the environment.

The complex which was completed at total cost of 3.5 billion rupees was declared open to the public during a grand opening ceremony presided by his Excellency president Mahinda Rajapakse on the 18th of May 2012.

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