Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

Being the premier company in real estate services in Sri Lanka we provide you the following services to help you with any problem regarding real estate.


Advertising – If you are in need to sell your properties we can immediately add an accurate description of the property including the photos to our website.


Tenant sourcing/selection - Great emphasis is placed on selecting the right tenant for your property in case you are looking at a long-term rental. Owners who may have specific requirements from a tenant are advised to discuss this openly with us so that we can ensure your needs are met.


Property inspections – Property inspections are carried out at the commencement of a new management, medicine a new tenancy, find and regular intervals during a tenancy, and upon vacation of a tenant.


Repairs, cleaning and maintenance – have a preferred list of reliable and qualified contractors who provide us with a good service at special rates. This saving also gets passed on to the owner, making the general maintenance and upkeep of your investment that little bit more profitable. Should a maintenance or repair issue arise, then the owner will be advised of this, will then make the necessary arrangements to complete the work required.


Financial reporting and statements – Statements providing a summary of income and expenses are sent out on a regular basis via the owner’s preferred method, either emailed or posted.


Property vacating – Upon a tenant vacating a property, we ensure that all chattels and furnishings are present and of the standard to which they were leased (keeping in mind general wear and tear if it has been a long tenancy), that the property is clean, tidy and ready for the next tenancy and that all keys are returned and rent is up to date and paid upon the tenant’s departure.


Complaints procedure – Being at the heart of the service industry, we realize that there can be problems that arise from time to time. To this end, we make it a priority to deal with any complaints or problems in a timely manner and endeavor to find a resolve with as little inconvenience as possible to the concerned parties.


Phone: (+94) 777 424 994 from abroad or 0777 424 994 in Sri Lanka.
Fax :( +94) 112 887 290 from abroad or 0112 887 290 in Sri Lanka