Real Estate Development in Hambanthota

Real Estate Development in Hambanthota

Hambantota is the largest district in the Southern Province Sri Lanka and it is the main town in the respective district. Habantota is located in the most remote part of the Southern Province along the coast and a lot of travelers aren’t aware of this town because its on the way to the famous Southern pilgrimage, side effects Katharagama.

For years and years Hambantota was forgotten somewhere amongst the coast of the southern sea board. And it is one of the driest areas of the island which simultaneously provided support for the above mentioned neglect. And the place also faced severe property and life destruction during the Tsunami disaster.

But after the beginning of the reign of the new government of President Mahinda Rajapakse, shop Hambantota was chosen as a town that needs to be equipped with commercial factors that will rise the town from a forgotten coastal town in to the second commercial city of Sri Lanka.

Few major development projects were proposed and are now undergoing towards perfection giving a great boost is real estate development in Hambantota in a way that history has never witnessed before.

The Hambantota harbor complex, implant started its work on 2008 is meant to be the biggest harbor complex in southern Asia. The project is going on in several phases and the first phase was already finished with a calculated expense of nearly US$ 360 million and now can hold 3 vessels. The harbor is rapidly going on with the proceedings and it is expected to be finished with all the phases on 2014 ans then it will be the largest port in South Asia with the capability of holding 33 vessels at any given time.

Apart from the harbor, there is the construction of the second international airport in Sri Lanka being constructed in Maththala, an area near Hambantota with an allocated land of 2000 hectares and the first phase of this project is also in rapid process towards completion.

Apart from that, the Southern Railway, which is running from Colombo to Matara is being extended to Katharagama providing another easy entrance to Hambantota.

Plus, a 500KW solar power plan is being constructed in order to utilize the maximum of the direct sunlight shooting to Hambantota all year long. This will definitely strengthen the power grid of the country.

All these projects are great examples and supporters of the real estate development in Hambantota. They will also prove to be the greatest gifts our country owns upon completion.


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