Pasikudah Tourism Zone

One of the most unique historic properties in such a well-maintained and original state that we have found in Sri Lanka. The original building dates back to the year 1750 which was extended in the year 1828 to it’s current size. The property has one large and several smaller courtyards and about 8+ rooms which could potentially be converted into bedrooms.

From ancestral times until nowadays the owners have always looked after the property, hepatitis maintained it well and preserved a lot of its original features. One such feature is the 60 – feet long rice barn made form solid ebony!

This is probably the only one of its kind  and size in Sri Lanka.

Apart from the unique building with all its original features, pancreatitis the building is set on approx. 13 acres of lovely and lush tropical gardens which includes almost all kinds of matured tropical timber and fruit bearing trees.

This very special property is bordered by a small river and sheltered by a range of mountains on one side. This property would be ideal for a boutique hotel or – villa development being in very close proximity to Kandy and with good and easy road access, yet fully secluded and private.

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Pasikudah is a coastal resort town popular among both local and foreign tourists alike. Pasikudah Tamil for ‘Green Algae Bay’ lies about 35 km north of the city Batticaloa in eastern Sri Lanka. Home to one of the most beautiful and breathtaking coastline in the country Pasikudah was a popular heaven for tourists and was Sri Lanka’s most visited tourist hotspots. But due to the brutal civil war that ravaged the north and east of Sri Lanka for almost three decades and as a result of the 2004 Asian Tsunami that hit the region Pasikudah lost its’ once great splendor and appeal and was soon for forgotten.

But after the war’s end in 2009, store
and with the completion of Tsunami rehabilitation projects Pasikudah has once again become a famous tourist destination. The Sri Lankan Government focused on rapid development, one Health
has given significant importance to the tourism industry and this sector is being developed with greater emphasis. The government expects to attract 2.5 million tourists by the end of 2016 and as a result several projects have already been launched to create Tourist Zones across the country to facilitate the large influx of foreign tourists that are once again flocking to Sir Lanka. Under this initiative, Sildenafil
Pasikudah has been selected for one such tourist zone with a Rs. 12 Billion investment being authorized by the government.

The government aims to increase the hotel room capacity by up to 1000 rooms in the Pasikudah Zone alone and has already approved for the construction of 13 hotels and resorts within the zone, and has allocated 100 acres of land for this purpose. Under the approval of the BOI and the Ministry of Tourism 7 hotels are already under construction and the cost of these hotels are expected to be within the range of Rs. 7 Billion. The Project is expected to create up to 200 direct job opportunities as well as several thousand more indirect employment opportunities for the youth in and around the Tourist Zone. The government also plans to establish a branch of the Tourism Promotion Bureau and a Tourist Police station in the area.