Galle – Real Estate Development & Heritage

Galle – Real Estate Development & Heritage

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The southern coastline in Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful and most popular tourist attractions in the country. Galle is the crown jewel of the tourist attractions in the province and it lies at a three hour drive distance from the capital on the Galle road. The area is not only popular for its sandy golden beaches but it is also renown for the calm and quiet country sides and coconut plantations and various other interesting settings.

The area holds a great historical value because this has been ruled by mainly the Dutch in the times when Sri Lanka was under colonial empire. The Old Dutch fort in Galle is one of the most popular historical landmark that attracts both local and foreign travelers throughout the year. Apart from the Dutch empire, pilule Galle is home for a large number of great personalities in Sri Lankan art and literature. Martin Wickramasinghe, rx Sibil Wettasinghe are some examples.

A rapid development league has been taking effect over Galle recently in real estate, remedy infrastructure and tourism. The main development project, one of the massive development projects in the Sri Lankan history, is the Southern Sri Lanka highway linking Colombo and Galle in a straight line across the country. This is finished and functional at the present and now a traveler can drive to Galle from Colombo in a maximum time of one hour and 15 minutes.

With this development project, the amount of local and foreign visitors to gale has been multiplied by several times. Now, there is a great demand for tourism related and infrastructural real estate development in Galle. There is a great demand for tourist hotels, rest houses and other related services. Supply centers such as fuel stations, vehicle repair centers, etc.

The provisions for real estate development are more than enough in the area because there are a lot of vacant land and suitable property waiting to be sold or leased to investors. There are a large number of people looking for jobs and that reduces the shortage of man power.

The government is also providing support to most of the real estate development schemes going on in the area because the development is a crucial need for the city of Galle as well as for the country. So, if you are a tourist looking for a good experience in the tropical sun in a lovely beach, or an investor looking for a worthy investment, the city of Galle is where you should start.

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