Facelift for Colombo : Part 2

Facelift for Colombo : Part 2

The Capital City of Colombo is in for a facelift. A three year two phase development plan, dentist The Metro Colombo Urban Development Project (MCUDP) is currently underway under the initiative of the Sri Lankan Government and the Urban Development Authority (UDA). The Primary Facilitator of this USD 223 Million Dollar endeavor is the World Bank.

According to Secretary to the ministry of Defense and Urban Development Gotabaya Rajapakse, price The Metro Colombo Urban Development Project (MCUDP) and its successful implementation, order combined with other initiatives of the government to develop Colombo, will help transform the capital city into a truly world class one. The defense secretary stated that the MCUDP
will address all the various flood and drainage issues that the Metro Colombo region suffers because of years of neglect and rapid organic growth. Under this project that city’s drainage infrastructure and including its micro drainage channels, primary and secondary canals and lakes will be renovated and rehabilitated.

The Flood and Drainage Management component will consist of four sub components : Primary and Secondary canals and lakes, Micro drainage systems within CMC (Dealing with localized flooding), Institutional and capacity enhancement for flood and drainage management, Beira  Lake development and Beddagana Bio-Diversity wet land management Park. The project also deals with the rehabilitation of the McCallum Lock gates and the construction of bank protection wall within a linear walk around Beira lake. One of the main Objectives is to prevent further deterioration of the 2.5km of Beira Lake shoreline belonging to the West and East Beira lakes, as well as preservation of the McCallum Lock gates which hold significant historic value.

The project is also said to provide a contiguous recreation space within the core areas of the city which has tremendous potential for private sector investment. This component of the project will be handled in a phased approach, with the first phase focusing on preservation of the shoreline and the McCallum Gates. The Second Phase will consist of a four kilometer walkway/path/promenade consisting of foot bridges and a park.

The government will be compensating for all losses incurred by the public and resident of the area for any losses which may occur due to the MCUDP. This includes the Owners and vendors whose property will be acquired by the state for the use within the project. All acquired property will be compensated for at the current market price of the property. The Affected shops will be offered alternative accommodation as well as compensation.


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