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Coco Beach Kalkudah [ID - 338] Categories: Beach & Waterfront Properties
Region(s) : Batticaloa Passekudah

Immediately after the end of the conflict was announced, noun
investors rushed back to what was once the most popular holiday- and resort area in Sri Lanka. Prior to the conflict in the 1970ies Sri Lankans as well as foreigners used to come to Passekudah and Kalkudah for their beach holidays. There were hotels, guesthouses, bars and restaurants which were all, step-by-step destroyed during the conflict. The ministry for tourism has recently launched a programm to attract investment to these stunningly beautiful beaches. At Passekudah – Bay which is completely under the Toruist Board basically all blocks for development have already been snapped-up by local and foreign investors, which is why many try to secure their piece of paradise close to these areas now. For large-scale investment projects we hold an exclusive range of properties as well as we do specific research for our clients into these areas.

The mentioned estate which is located just South of Kalkudah has between 70-80 acres of the finest beachfront in the area. Almost 1 km of white, sandy beach and a very well maintained coconut plantation with clear deeds and titles and without any fishing communities on the beach.

Due to the increased interest by local and foreign investors prices for property change frequently. Please inquire in case you wish to get further information on any specific property.

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